Providing Discounted Fuel Since 1980

Amber was established in Fermoy by the Fitzgerald family in 1980. Realizing that fuel prices in Ireland were excessively high they saw a gap in the market for a fuel discounter with an emphasis placed on customer service since then.  Amber has grown to 35 retail sites along with fuels distribution and home heating depots.

In April 2021, Greenergy International Limited acquired Amber Petroleum.   In business for over 25 years, Greenergy is an established supplier and distributor of transportation fuels, and the UK’s largest fuels supplier. Internationally, it supplies over 18 billion litres of fuel annually to supermarkets, oil companies, fuel wholesalers and retail and commercial customers.  It manages fuel supply chains from refinery gates to customer sites – importing, storing, blending and distributing fuel and managing stock levels for customers.

Greenergy currently markets in Ireland through Inver Energy, an independent fuel supplier and retailer based in Cork.

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Always Focused On Quality And Consistency

Conscious of our customers’ requirements for quality and consistency at all times Amber sources our fuels from Irelands only refinery based in Whitegate, Co Cork, Dublin Port and Foynes in Co. Limerick. To ensure uniformity of quality, all fuels are stringently tested to ensure that they comply or are in excess of current Irish & European standards and requirements.