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Unmanned Site

Frequently Asked Questions

After using the unmanned station my bank account has two transactions showing?2018-07-16T12:59:51+01:00

If the pre-authorised amount and the final transaction amount differ your bank may treat this as two transactions and the bank may hold the amount of the pre-authorised amount until the transaction clears. It can take 5-10 working days (depending on bank) for the lien to be removed but please be assured you will only pay the final transaction amount. Where the pre-authorised and the final transaction amount match there is no issue.

What happens if I select a larger amount than my car can take?2018-07-11T13:18:19+01:00

You will only be charged for the amount the car actually takes. For example if you pre select €50 and your car only takes €40 then your account will only be debited for the €40.

I got no receipt even though I requested one?2018-07-27T15:48:52+01:00

Very occasionally the paper can jam in the printer. Please email date, time, amount and last 4 digits of your card to or call (025) 46000 and we will email one to you.

I lifted the pump and no fuel came out?2018-07-27T15:48:58+01:00

You must put in your card before you lift the pump to get it pre authorised and release the pump.

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