Why order online

Why order oil online

All our fuels are guaranteed to meet Irish and European quality and security standards.

Ordering Home Heating Oil online is easy, fast and secure. Our prices are calculated immediately for you within our website. All quotes are fully transparent helping you to manage your order and pay online in less than 5 minutes. Our local drivers deliver to your home six days a week.

You can pay online with ease and with complete peace of mind. Our order module is fully secure and displays the https lock symbol throughout every step. Our site uses the SSL protocol, which ensures all online transactions remain confidential.

Get the right price

Our prices are transparent. While our prices change on a daily basis to reflect market conditions the price you are quoted, is the price you will pay regardless of any future price change.

Why choose Amber

We offer all our customers quality fuel at competitive prices.

Our fuels are supplied directly from our JV 82,000m3 state-of-the-art terminal in Foynes. We give our customers the assurance that fuels supplied by Amber meet National and European fuel standards and have complete traceability from the point of manufacture to our ‘customers’.

All our fuels are:


You don’t need to be at home to take delivery as long as the driver has access to your tank.

Our prompt, efficient and friendly delivery service operates six days a week from our depots in Fermoy and the Horse & Jockey.

Metered deliveries

All our trucks are fitted with electronic meters.

Our professional printed delivery tickets will show all relevant delivery information, including a copy of the meter stamp for added reassurance. The metering system will print and invoice post delivery showing the metered quantity of fuel delivered and other invoice details i.e., price per litre, name, address etc.

Never run out of oil again!

Stay warm and cosy all winter long.

Our regular delivery service ensures you will always have plenty of oil in your tank. Our team is available to provide quotations, process fuel orders & route deliveries for a date and time that suits you. Contact us today !
Contact us in Acres, Fermoy at (025) 46000, the Horse & Jockey (0504) 44222 or online for queries.
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